About The Club

The Own LeFevre House is located at 1311 York Street on the border of the Cheeseman Park and Congress Park neighborhoods. Built in 1896, at a cost of $45,000 the Owen LeFevre House would have been in a quaint and beautiful location, not at all like the bustling intersection that 13th and York is today.
Built for Owen LeFevre and his wife Eva French LeFevre, the elegant Owen LeFevre House was built with a wonderful wrap-around porch that runs the full length of the south and east sides of the home. Mr. & Mrs. Owen LeFevre had one child, a daughter named Frederica. Owen LeFevre was a prominent judge in Denver until 1901. Afterwards, he retired from the bench, and returned to private practice in Denver. Judge Owen LeFevre was also a prominent member of the Republican Party in which he was very active. On a personal note, Judge Owen LeFevre was particularly fond of books, and had one of the largest private libraries found in Denver. The Owen LeFevre house was also known for having one of the finest collections of French Art west of the Mississippi. Owen LeFevre passed in 1921, and his widow Eva LeFevre stayed at the Owen LeFevre House for the remainder of her life. Mrs. Eva LeFevre died in 1948. After her passing, several buyers came forward with offers to purchase the Owen LeFevre House, but the heirs of Mrs. LeFevre decided that for philanthropic reasons, the Owen LeFevre House should be sold to York Street #1, a local group of Alcoholics Anonymous, for an amount of $25,000. Many conversions and restorations took place at the Owen LeFevre House at a cost of over $220,000 which came from State Historic Funds. Since then, the Owen LeFevre House has been the center of Alcoholics Anonymous in Denver for over 50 years.
Each time I drive by the Owen LeFevre House, I see people relazing in the large wrap-around porch, and I think about its history. What a wonderful location for an organization that has assisted countless Denver residents in reclaiming their lives over the last several decades. The Owen LeFevre House was entered into the national register of Historic Places in August of 1976.